• Monoecious, multi-purpose cultivar bred by Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants.

  • Seed Yield- Range; .8-1.5 t/ha (648-1214 lbs/A) Average; 1.1 t/ha (809 lbs/A)

  • The yield of the seed can also be satisfactory as a fiber variety and can reach 1.5 t/ha (typically 0.8-1.0 t/ha). The yield of straw reaches 8-10 t/ha (dry mass). About 70% of the biomass is a non-fiber by-product being obtained during the process of fiber extraction– shive.

  • The inflorescence of B-Lab contains 4% CBD.



  • Monoecious, non-GMO High-producing oil seed cultivar bred by Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibre and Medicinal Plants (IWNiRZ).

  • Seed Yield – Range; 3.10 – 3.69 t/ha (2,800-3,300 Lbs/A) Average; 3.41 t/ha (3,050 Lbs/A)

  • Henola achieves the shortest vegetation period among varieties of continental European origin

  • The inflorescence of Henola contains: 7.0% CBD / 0.13% THC