Bija Hemp, LLC is the wholly owned subsidiary of International Hemp Solutions, PBC, with our corporate offices in Denver, Colorado. 

During our first year in operation, we became the first U.S. based corporation to establish an exclusive partnership with Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants. This partnership allows us to provide U.S. farmers with the highest quality certified hemp seed proven to perform. 

In early 2017, we worked alongside state and federal agencies to become the first company in history to import “farm bill compliant” industrial hemp seed into the United States, a 30 metric ton intercontinental shipment of bulk seed that was procured from the Ukraine, transported to Germany, and airlifted into Denver, Colorado.

In 2019, we successfully harvested 26,000 pounds of AOSCA Certified industrial hemp seed, the largest American grown lot since the adoption of the 2014 Farm Bill.

With a fortified corporate structure, a seasoned leadership team, and an unmatched network of industry partners, Bija Hemp is pioneering the growth of industrial hemp in the United States.

Our Mission

Discover and procure the highest quality hemp varieties from around the world and match them to specific purposes, allowing industrial hemp to take root in North America and the Western Hemisphere.

Our services

We offer certified industrial hemp seed on a first come, first served, case-by-case basis.

Our Team 


Tim Gordon

President of Operations

Tim was raised in a Canadian cannabis farming community, his love for sustainable cannabis farming is only eclipsed by his love for the cannabis plant. Tim has developed an aggressive cannabis breeding program, an industry leading agricultural operation, and a state-of-the-art laboratory and production facility. He serves as a technical adviser on the board of the National Hemp Association and is President of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association. Tim has researched the cannabis plant for nearly 20 years and has been published in a number of news outlets, magazines, and periodicals. He’s working with our overseas partners at Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants to review and develop new commercial varieties of hemp, as well as overseeing domestic propagation programs.


Tom Dermody

Vice President of Operations

Tom is a hemp industry veteran with a background in non- and for-profit business. As a graduate of the University of Maryland, he began his career in Washington D.C. working for the National Family Farm Coalition and Citizen Trade Campaign Ag Division. Following the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, Tom relocated to Colorado and became the founding staff member of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which assisted in the development of the public-private model that has played a key role in the growth of the US hemp industry thus far. Tom joined the Bija Team in November of 2017 and manages all aspects of operations ranging from licensing, procurement and distribution of certified seed across Europe, the Americas, and Australia. Apart from his responsibilities to Bija Hemp and its parent company International Hemp Solutions, Tom serves on the Steering Committee of the Colorado Hemp Agricultural Advancement Group and the CO-Hemp Research Authority Working Group.


Terry Moran

Director of Operations

Terry is an industry veteran with thirty years of experience, working in Plant Breeding, Research & Product Development and Seed Production, Purity & Multiplication. He holds a BS in Agronomy from Colorado State University and attended the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy. Prior to his regulatory work with cannabis, his crop experience included: sweet corn, strawberries, cereals, and tomatoes. Terry assisted in developing and implementing the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s CDA Approved Certified seed program, serving the public as the Industrial Hemp Certified Seed Specialist, and serving the regulatory program as the hemp subject matter expert.


Russell Orsborn

Chief Farm Inspector

Born in Washington state, Russell grew up on cattle and hay ranches. In 2000, after a career in the software industry, Russell followed his lifelong passion and began working in the hemp industry in British Columbia, and Alberta, Canada, working as a field inspector and project manager. After moving back to the U.S, he brought his experience from the Canadian hemp industry to Colorado, participating in large-scale propagation projects in Longmont, Pueblo, and Fort Collins. He is the co-founder of the Ferry County Hemp Interest Group in Washington state and has served as a senior consultant in British Columbia, Canada, Washington and Colorado.


Joseph Franco


As office administrator, Joseph assists with various projects and brings his skill set to many facets of our operations. He has been with Bija Hemp since 2018.