Bija - Sanskrit term for Seed metaphorically used as the origin or cause of things.

At Bija Hemp we believe that hemp can be a cause for transformational change in the way we treat our planet. We strive to be a part of that transformation which of course begins with actual hemp seed. It is our focus on the proper genetics for the hemp farmer that caused our formation. If you are a current or future hemp farmer than we are here to help you on your path to transformation. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through this exciting new industry.

About Bija Hemp

Bija Hemp, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Hemp Solutions (IHS), PBC. With headquarters in Denver, CO, Bija Hemp, LLC is a seed company specializing in the procurement, genetics and cultivation of industrial hemp across the western hemisphere by creating accessible channels between hemp farmers, researchers, processors, manufacturers and retailers both domestic and foreign. Activities specifically include importing seed varietals, breeding and development for new pedigree seed varieties, seed production and propagation. Bija’s hemp experts also provide training and education to farmers who cultivate their genetics. The Bija Hemp, LLC management team is comprised of industry leaders in agronomy, research and development, business, and law.

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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are comprised of some of the most influential companies in the industrial hemp industry.